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Clean Baby Toys. Cheap Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Clean Baby Toys

clean baby toys

Christmas bear and some baby dolls in a box in the can along with a barbie carrier

Christmas bear and some baby dolls in a box in the can along with a barbie carrier

I pulled up to one of my last stops Friday to a pile of dolls as well as a mom and daughter arguing. Unlike most arguments it was the mom who was upset that the dolls were out for the trash. The daughter had a half day so she got home from school before the trash was collected. Unfortunately for her I was running later than usual and her mom arrived home right before I pulled up.

I overheard the conversation while I waited for them to decide what they were going to do I managed to sneak a few pictures

Mom pulls in as my truck pulls to a stop and sees the pile and yells at her daughter to get outside immediately.
She then asks me if i mind waiting just a moment she gives me 20 bucks so I say sure.
Daughter(Stephanie) runs out with an annoyed look on her face: What is it?

Mom: What are all these dolls doing in the garbage.

Stephanie: I threw them away because I am in JR high now and I don't want a bunch of baby toys in my room.

Mom has moved over to the trash pile and is picking up some of the dolls and looking them over

Mom: Your Aunt gave you this one for your birthday
The mother said picking up one of the cabbage patch dolls and waving it at her daughter as she did she realized the doll was wearing a dirty diaper

Mom:Oh my god did you put your brother's dirty diapers on these dolls?
Mom: Why whoud you do something so disgusting to these poor dolls?
Stephanie:Because I knew if you got home before the trash was picked up you would freak out and try to bring these stupid dolls back inside. I figured with Brennan's shi**y diapers on them you would have no choice but to let me throw them away.
Mom: Since you ruined them I guess you will get your wish and since you made this mess you can clean it up.
She realizes I have been waiting for them to finish to load any of the trash and says: I am sorry to keep you waiting apparently my daughter has some garbage she wishes to dispose of please allow her to load it in the truck for you.

Chi Chi and Her Clean Baby

Chi Chi and Her Clean Baby

I had to do it, Chi Chi. Your little Teddy Bear "Baby" hadn't been washed in over a year. Baby's fur was stiff from your slobber and she didn't smell very nice. I thought you would approve, but I see you are not happy that your "Baby" smells so fresh and clean.

Please forgive me, Chi Chi. Momma's always have to do the dirty work...

clean baby toys

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