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Baby Formula Black Market

baby formula black market

baby formula black market - Wages Of

Wages Of Crime: Black Markets, Illegal Finance, And The Underworld Economy

Wages Of Crime: Black Markets, Illegal Finance, And The Underworld Economy

"Never in history has there been a black market tamed from the supply side. From Prohibition to prostitution, from gambling to recreational drugs, the story is the same. Supply-side controls act to encourage production and increase profits. At best a few intermediaries get knocked out of business. But as long as demand persists, the market is served more or less as before. In the meantime, failure to ‘win the war’ [against crime] becomes a pretext for increasing police budgets, expanding law enforcement powers, and pouring more money into the voracious maw of the prison-industrial complex."—from the Introduction
R. T. Naylor specializes in the study of smuggling, black markets, and international financial crime. Wages of Crime takes the reader into the shadowy underworld of modern criminal business—arms trafficking, gold smuggling, money laundering, and terrorist financing. Naylor dissects the schemes by which illegal entrepreneurs disguise their acts, manage their take, and eventually enjoy the loot. The author asserts that much of what police, press, politicians, and the public understand about international crime is based on myth and misrepresentation.
Wages of Crime also outlines Naylor’s claim that some of the most popular modern law-enforcement fads are inefficient or useless and can do massive damage in eroding civil liberties. In the wake of recent tragedies, Naylor’s criticisms of contemporary anticrime policies and the confounding of criminal and national security issues have a sharper resonance.

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Kwajalein Police Department!

Kwajalein Police Department!

The Kwajalein Police Department! I think I have not been fair to a number of Kwajalein Police officers here with my writing. For the most part the Kwajalein Police Department's ranks are filled with quality individual officers. For the record, I was sad, as were many other officers to see the last Chief resign and leave so soon after his promotion from the position of Facility Manager. To this day rumors are still out there as to why this Chief chose to leave. No matter the truth, the Chief that left, on his own accord, was by far the best Chief I have ever served under - even if it were for only a few months. When Chief C left I actually felt sad! Here I thought a true leader had finally made his/her way to the top and would be there for his/her respective subordinates. I can, as clear a day, remember when the news first came down the chain that Chief C was selected - I was at the Outrigger bar on Roi-Namur with a fellow Sergeant. We both sat over a few beers and felt really thankful it was he who would soon fill the Chief’s office. It was weird actually…but, for the first time in my nearly four years as a police officer with KPD, when the news that Chief C had been promoted, I really felt relieved that my fellow officers and I finally had a Chief worth his/her weight in salt!

I have heard the rumors behind the quick exodus of Chief C but I will not mention them, for they are worth only what rumors tend to be worth…SHIT! I do know that when the news came of his premature departure, a tremor of disappointment was felt down every link within the chain….

Reality is, I do not know, for the most part, the new American KPD officers of late. KPD has a turnover rate that eclipses anything I have ever known. I literally know only a handful of these new police officers. For what this is worth, and of course no names will ever be mentioned but, I have actually received a bit of support from a number of KPD officers since my “ousting”. It really bothers me that by me speaking out against the blatant discrimination, enable-ism, and criminal activity supported by KPD and USAKA, that these officers may feel they are being attacked by me or, you as a reader, would wrongly judge every KPD officer as corrupt. This is not the case at all. Sure, I have been witness to some truly corrupt pieces of shit within the ranks of KPD but, for the most part, just like anywhere in the world, KPD is filled with honest and decent people. I have friends to this day that still work for KPD and USAKA. And I know for a fact that most current KPD Officers know of me and my past, my photos and my writings. I also know that my photos and writings have made their way to most of USAKA (U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll). I have nearly a million hits on my flickr stream and am averaging around 2000 hits every day! These numbers really leave me inspired actually.

I don’t know what it was about me when I first arrived on USAKA but, I knew from the get go that something wasn’t right. As I have stated here in a story, only after a month or two of employment I made the decision to not enforce certain rules and regulations that USAKA has in place for KPD to enforce. When I was forced to let go without question by my first Lieutenant a Marshallese Queen I had stopped with illegal goods and a bag full of American cash - I knew things were fucked up! I knew there was some kind of agreement and pay off behind closed doors. I chose then and there to do my best to assist the average and ordinary, poor Marshallese citizen in any way I could. I told myself that very night that if it was not illegal in America I would not enforce it while on USAKA. As long as no one tried to deal in or smuggle drugs, weapons, bombs or break any state-side law, I would turn a “blind-eye”.

Now let me explain this blind eye! I did not care about food, candy, soda, diapers, baby formula, fishing rods…ect…ect. I am proud of the fact that on numerous occasions I had many Marshallese citizens approach me asking if they could bring something through. One day a father of twin boys who’s eight birthday was that day asked me if he could bring two fishing poles through the gate. FUCK yea! I don’t care about fishing poles! If you have a son and it is his birthday and he wants a fishing pole you can only get on USAKA, you’re damn right I’m going let it go through! Just so you don’t have to buy some overpriced piece of crap from a corrupt Irooj, King or Queen who has an agreement with USAKA to force the people to buy form their stores at severely inflated prices. I let any food item go through too! I also made sure this so called contraband didn’t find its way onto the black market. How is this you ask? Well, go spend any amount of time on USAKA and those tiny islands and the truth will be apparent! Most, if not all food items were eaten as soon as possible because hunger and malnutrition are a real and factual problem amongst sevral Marshallese famili

Child Sits alone in MAternity Ward Surrounded by propaganda

Child Sits alone in MAternity Ward Surrounded by propaganda

Multiple child family pictures are non-existent. After midnight, within one of the largest public hospitals; inside China?s third largest city, wards remain barren. Parents are encouraged to begin labor during working hours. Delaying delivery for more than 12 hours after working hours is routine, keeping operating expenses low. Doors are locked to family and spouse. A protective barrier exists, keeping out any form of inspection, observation and questioning of quality, service or procedure. Women are segregated from external assistance and influence behind locked doors. While Deng Xiao Peng said science and technology is number one, many receive a much lower level of biological education than their first world counterparts. After admission, patients unquestioningly accept treatment, without educated choice; isolated and vulnerable as they undergo labor. Employees, often with less than 4 years education are overworked; whilst wards remain understaffed with little quality control or regulation. While true profit margins remain unknown, low cost workforces are a national resource. Underneath the predatory marketing of pharmaceutical companies and unregulated formula manufacturers; behind barricaded closed doors, childbirth becomes a penal-like systematic process for mother and family. However, it?s socially standard, accepted and unquestioned. Common health education remains rudimentary at best; many arrive having little factual information about the heavily segregated delivery process. Behind locked doors, in-between shift changes; patients are left unmonitored. Asphyxiation and other birth complications are high. An exact figure is impossible to determine within this heavily guarded system. Unable to fully re-unite with newborns for 3-4 days after delivery is accepted as standard procedure. Families obediently await opportunity to first see newborn babies; held in ICU after birth, as they become indoctrinated to formula, rather than breast milk.

baby formula black market

baby formula black market

Black Markets: The Supply and Demand of Body Parts

In direct response to indefinite delays on the national transplantation waitlists and an inadequate supply of organs, a growing number of terminally ill Americans are turning to international underground markets and brokers for organs. Offering a contemporary view of organ and tissue supply and demand, Michele Goodwin explores the legal, racial and social nuances of current altruistic institutionalized procurement schemes. It is understandably not publicized that Chinese inmates sitting on death row and the economically disadvantaged in India and Brazil are the most often compromised co-participants in the negotiation process and supply kidney and other organs for Americans as well as other Westerners willing to shop and pay in the shadow of the law. Goodwin suggests that the best alternative model for organ procurement is a market approach or one based on presumed consent and provides an alternative way of studying how to increase the supply of organs and other body parts as well.

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